A multichain for launching wireless blockchains.

Overline's custom made hardware allows users to access DeFi, NFT's, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any chain connected to Overline's multichain without the internet.

Coins native to Overline:

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Mine more crypto by staking $EMB

Emblems are one of two coins native to the Overline network. They provide miners with synthetic mining power through staking.

Staking Bonus Calculator

Enter values into the calculator below to simulate EMB staking yields in different scenarios.

Emblems Staked:


Overline ($OL) Price:


Share of Hashpower:


Block Reward

13 OL

Staking Multiplier

5.5 X

Monthly Yield

0.91 ETH

Simulate full blocks (maximum bonus)

*This is an estimated yield calculated based on simulated inputs and current network activity, actual results may vary.

Start swapping crypto instantly.
No account or ID required.

Users can start swapping crypto on Overline within seconds. All you need is a crypto wallet. No account or personal information is required.

Secure and non-custodial.
Control your crypto.

Overline users don't need to worry about exchange hacks because they remain in control of their assets the entire time.

Presale T.B.D

Earn, trade, and communicate wirelessly.
No internet? No problem.

Overline's proprietary "Wireless Mining" device enables users to access Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular networks without internet or cellular coverage.

It is time for Blockchain to go wireless.

V2 Coming Soon

Manage crypto from your phone.
Completely free to use.

Send, receive, and manage crypto accross multiple blockchains directly from your phone using Overline's free mobile wallet.

Download the V1 mobile app for iOS or Android.

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