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$EMB is now trading on FTX

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What is Overline?

Overline is the only mineable interoperability protocol that can connect all blockchains--including Bitcoin--to DeFi allowing users to move and trade freely. No validators, no accounts, no wrapped tokens, no personal data, and no exchange/liquidity fees. Overline is entirely powered by mining (like Bitcoin) without centralized validators, APIs, or oracles.

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From the genesis block on May 28th 2018 Overline miners have mined 33,313,268 OL blocks, comprising 0.3% of the total OL supply of 9.8B coins from blocks. Overline currently connects BTC, ETH, NEO, WAV, LSK, USDT, and DAI without validators, wrapped tokens, or centralization of any kind. Just pure cross-chain interoperability.

Overline is blockchain interoperability that does not compromise.

Overline is an entirely custom-built multichain network that allows for genuine interactivity between disparate blockchain networks.

To achieve interoperability Overline utilizes a unique proprietary consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Distance which builds upon Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work.


We are firm believers in the purity of Satoshi's original model for decentralized finance pioneered in the form of Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work consensus. Overline introduces cross-chain trade and interoperability with a Bitcoin-level standard of democratization and decentralization. In short, the Overline network represents trade as Satoshi would have intended.

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Borderless Services Inc. (BSI) is the lead maintainer of the open source Overline Network and is an active contributor to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.