Core Backend Developer



Rust, NodeJS

About Overline

Description Overline is a blockchain protocol that enables applications built for truly decentralized finance (DeFi), including Overline’s custom, peer-to-peer exchange platform the Interchange. Overline connects disparate blockchains, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, into a unified “multichain”, capable of interoperability and cross-chain communication, all powered by a mineable network and not centralized validators, APIs, or oracles.

The team behind Overline is a global group of economics-minded engineers, who committed to building the future of decentralized financial technology the right way. If you have passion and motivation to work on complicated, but visionary projects we would like to have a chat with you!


  • Design and implementation of new core systems in Rust
  • Port legacy core systems to Rust
  • Contribute daily with clean, well maintainable product increments and clear communication
  • Must be able to quickly shift gears, expecting to iterate multiple times over the life of a project
  • Develop tools and bots to improve and automate internal processes
  • Be willing and able to work independently or as a member of a team
  • Engage with different disciplines and develop an understanding of their needs
  • Understand and follow privacy and encryption best practices for personal / corporate data management
  • Assure product quality through coding, testing, debugging, and quality assurance review
  • Qualifications

  • Experience with Rust OR experience with compiled languages (C / C++ / Go) and desire to learn Rust
  • Experience designing, implementing and maintaining distributed, high-volume services at production level
  • Experience writing network services or asynchronous code
  • Be passionate about secure, reliable and fast software
  • Experience with unit and functional testing, debugging, and performance tuning
  • Capable of owning projects and working closely with other engineers
  • Interest in blockchain and decentralized technologies
  • Preferred Skill Sets

  • Have experience with technologies like gRPC, SQL, Redis, and LevelDB/RocksDB (or other embedded databases)
  • Experience in Nodejs, native node modules
  • Experience with monitoring systems like Grafana or Prometheus and alerting best practices
  • Experience using a Linux server environment
  • Have experience with other strongly typed languages
  • Have open source contributions, including in Rust