Sr. Hardware Engineer



Rust, Hardware

About Overline

Description Overline is a blockchain protocol that enables applications built for truly decentralized finance (DeFi), including Overline’s custom, peer-to-peer exchange platform the Interchange. Overline connects disparate blockchains, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, into a unified “multichain”, capable of interoperability and cross-chain communication, all powered by a mineable network and not centralized validators, APIs, or oracles.

The team behind Overline is a global group of economics-minded engineers, who committed to building the future of decentralized financial technology the right way. If you have passion and motivation to work on complicated, but visionary projects we would like to have a chat with you!


  • Work on product concepts that are complicated but visionary and innovative
  • System-level prototyping integration, characterization and validation
  • Failure mode analysis, root cause diagnosis, and system-level problem solving
  • Future technology scoping and proof-of-concept investigations
  • Develop embedded software systems and device drivers in Rust or other low-level systems languages
  • Write embedded microcontroller program code
  • Schematic capture and PCB layout of analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits
  • Understand and follow privacy and encryption best practices for personal / corporate data management
  • Bring-up and test prototypes to prove out key design concepts and quantify technical constraints
  • Contribute to the architecture of the project as a whole and own communicating and advocating for how your work fits into the larger vision
  • Engage with different disciplines and develop an understanding of their needs
  • Qualifications

  • Experience with compiled system languages (Rust, C, C++, …)
  • Hands-on experience with integrating hardware and software systems.
  • Proficient with lab equipment: spectrum analyzer, signal generator, power supply, data logger...etc.
  • Practise with microcontroller circuit design and programming
  • Good understanding of general mechanical concepts and of printed circuit board design
  • Familiarity with ARM device programming
  • Willingness to dive into and learn new technologies and paradigms quickly
  • Excellent algorithmic problem solving abilities
  • Highly motivated, self-driven, and eager to learn new technologies
  • Preferred Skill Sets

  • Automation skill, scripting skills in any scripting language
  • Experience with FPGAs and CPLDs a plus
  • Experience with Autodesk Eagle