Synthetic mining power

Emblems (EMB) make Proof-of-Work mining more inclusive, and more efficient through providing synthetic mining power.

300M EMB

100M EMB

What are Emblems?

Emblems are the stakeable coin of the Overline multiverse. Overline miners and wireless node operators who own and stake Emblems are provided with substantial boosts to their profitability.

Where the standard Overline block reward is 2 OL per block, those who stake Emblems may earn up to a whopping 166 OL per block instead, an 83x increase.

What is synthetic mining power?

Like Bitcoin, Overline is operated by miners around the world using Proof-of-Work consensus. Emblems introduce an interesting dynamic into the mining process by providing a hedge against hardware depreciation, whilst simultaneously providing a means for miners without access to cheaper electricity costs to boost their competetiveness synthetically via staking.

In short, Emblems let you get the most out of what you already have.

Are Emblems useful for users that do not mine?

Yes, Emblems provide many advantages for regular users, the most notable are:

Leasing: Emblems have a built-in leasing smart contract that enables owners to lend their Emblems out to miners for a fee. Going long Emblems is going long Overline.

Transaction Priority: Emblems enable miners to fit more transactions in each block, boosting network throughput and miner profitability. Miners are incentivized to prioritize transactions originating from Emblem owners and may even pick them up without a transaction fee.

Governance: Emblem owners will play a pivotal role in project governance going forward. More details will be provided on this soon.

What makes Emblems unique?

Emblems are extremely unique as despite existing as an ERC-20 asset on the Ethereum blockchain, Emblems are able to influence block rewards and inflation dynamics on the Overline multichain.

Never before has an asset on one chain been able to influence events on another chain in a completely decentralized way. This is a first for the cryptocurrency ecosystem and is only possible thanks to Overline's innovative interoperability capabilities.

Why do Emblems live on Ethereum?

We decided to build Emblems as a token on the Ethereum network in part to pay homage to the great work of the Ethereum builders, but also as a first hand demonstration of Overline's cross-chain functionality. We are a community of doers and prefer to lead by example, rather than words.

Now that we have demonstrated this capability using Emblems, it is up to our clever users to extrapolate how else this functionality may be leveraged by the DeFi space overall. Just think about that for a minute, you can now have coins on one chain trigger events on another. Ah... the sweet, sweet opportunities.

Do Emblems play a role in Overline's wireless network?

Yes, a big one. Emblems provide Overline's wireless node operators with more bandwidth, allowing them to transmit more data over the network, and therefore earn more fees from users.

Basically, Emblems turn a virgin tower into a Chad tower.

Mine more crypto by staking $EMB

Emblems are one of two coins native to the Overline network. They provide miners with synthetic mining power through staking.

Staking Bonus Calculator

Enter values into the calculator below to simulate EMB staking yields in different scenarios.

Emblems Staked:


Overline ($OL) Price:


Share of Hashpower:


Block Reward

13 OL

Staking Multiplier

5.5 X

Monthly Yield

0.91 ETH

Simulate full blocks (maximum bonus)

*This is an estimated yield calculated based on simulated inputs and current network activity, actual results may vary.