The internet is so 1983.

Meet the ōRouter - the world's first 'Web3 Router'. Access Crypto, NFT's DeFi and more without an internet or cellular connection.

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A pocket-sized passive income generator.

Overline's ōRouter empowers users to generate passive income by providing wireless Web3 coverage for their communities.


Access native Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, NFT's and much more without an internet or cellular connection.


Communicate with friends, access social media, and read the news even if the internet goes down.


Trade crypto accross chains without an intermediary. wireless, airgapped, and without IP exposure.

As seen in

Change the way you interact with the world.

The ōRouter blends Overline's unique Proof-of-Work mining challenge with ambient RF to introduce a paradigm shift in the way that the digital and physical worlds intertwine.

Physical dApp triggers

The ōRouter enables dApp builders to execute Web3 smart contracts based on real-world events.

A portal to the Metaverse

Change the way humans connect by using proximity-based chatrooms, location-based NFT minting, treasure hunts, and more.

Unspoofable GPS

Validate the location of objects in the physical world with cryptographic integrity and without spoofing.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions100.5mm x 19.5mm x 65.5mm
Weight (Planned)0.155 kg
Range1.6 sq km obstructed (dense urban cities)
64 sq km unobstructed (flat, rural)
Mobile App CompatabilityiOS
Transmission ProtocolLORA
Dust Sealed | Water ResistantYes (Pending Rating)
Exposed Port1x USB-C
Included in Package1x ōRouter
1x USB-C cable